I have been telling people about macrobiotics for long times.
La Cocina means kitchen in spanish.
Health, illness, and happiness are made from kitchen.
There have been living and wisdoms along with nature in the Japanese kitchen.
I have been thinking about macrobiotics for a long time. My family has been there for me.
I hope I can share with people in the kitchen about some experiences, what I learned from practicing of macrobiotics We were born to be happy ,By Adopting macrobiotics way of living you will always have positive outlook and you can live your best life.
I want to live enjoyable life until the end of my life.
Why don‘t you living macrobiotics way of life based on the natural order?

I have been telling about macrobiotics way of living in denenchoufu and obuchizawa, in yamanashi prefecture.
Children, are unsusceptible to infectious disease.
They are so calm,

I‘d like to inform that the inportance of eating to mothers of small children, people
who will try to become mothers, children who carry the next generation.

macrobiotics is not encourage everyone
to follow the same dietary and lifestyle.
Individual differences also need to
be considered, with variations made
according to country, original constitution, social environment, occupation.
I have learned macrobiotic principles and
cooking first hand
from these renowned masters.
(best pupils of Jorge Ohsawa; Yukikazu Sakurazawa)

Having lived in America for almost 3years,I had broaden my horizon.
I have been pursuiting of my original
way of macrobiotics lifestyle.
The macrobiotic way of life differs to
each person.
I have learned the principles of great masters thoroughly.
Macrobiotics is not practicing just only
memorizing knowledge of textbooks.
Trying to realize the principles of nature.
Macrobiotic can help you find an answer
by yourself.
Macrobiotic is neither Telling extreame opinions nor thretening,
Not only when "anything is good ," I convey an extreme idea and threaten you when "such is harmful when I eat what" and tell you about knowledge, but also our school is a place providing a hint for feelings and the limit that an answer is found by thought, oneself by oneself what kind of how to eat and way of life are correct to have a wide field of vision that there is not and, anyway, it is fun and provides the place where I think about space law through life together and can notice.

The name LaCocinaDeMinaka
Location 145-0071, Japan Tokyo Ohta-Ku denen Chofu 5
(1) basic Macrobiotic Diet, advanced, master classes, graduate school
(2) diagnosis, name consultation
(3) alternative therapy
(4) baby food Department
(5) Detox & no salt camp, retreat
(6) Reiki
(7) the macrobiotic-related Department, various including
[Teacher:Minaka Nagai]


nagaiminakaMacrobiotic (Culinary medicine) Teacher:
Minaka Nagai 永井 邑なか(ながい みなか)
< Biography >
Minaka was introduced Macrobiotic and culinary medicine when she was a junior high school student by her mother, and also Mr. Hideo Omori, who was one of the best disciples of the founder of Macrobiotic, Mr. George Ohsawa. Through knowing this dynamic wisdom, Minaka decided to become a vegan, in order to experience integral knowledge of macrobiotic and to teach from her whole life experience, which includes her three children childcare experiences. She also learnt from many teachers, such as Mr. Hideo Omori (He also taught her “Onomancy.”), Ms. Kazue Omori, Prof. Michio Kushi, Mr. Mitsushi Matsumoto, Mr. Eiwan Ishida, Mr. Patricio Garcia De Paredes, and Luci Balenda.
She has been teaching Macrobiotic since 2005 and she taught over 2000 students at her organisation “La Cocina De Minaka” where is located in Tokyo and Yamanashi, however her passion for sharing made her to move to U.S. in 2014. She lived in Hilo, Big Island for one year and six month to teach for local Japanese students. In 2015, she moved to California to teach in Scotts Valley, Sebastopol, Los Angele, San Jose, and Berkeley.
<Certificate >
Certificate of Medical Science by Mr. Hideo Omori
Certificate of Culinary Medicine by Ms. Kazue Omori
KIJ Kushi Macrobiotic Instructor
KI Kushi Macrobiotic International Instructor Yamamura Juku certified Chinese medicine visual diagnosis instructor
Matsumoto Juku master class completion
Reiki master practitioner

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145-0071, Japan
Tokyo, Ohta-Ku, denenChofu 5 (* address details when you purchase will contact. )

LaCocinaDeMinaka / Nagai Minaka

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