Macrobiotics Online Lecture

永井 邑なか(ながい みなか)You can take lectures of Minaka Nagai online, which is very popular with easy-to-understand content that has interrelated knowledge and years of experience.
We will send you the contents of lectures from beginner class to advanced class once in 2 weeks online.
We will respond to questions by e-mail each time.

Tuition fee
Beginner class 12 times in total 38,880 yen
Advanced class 12 times in total 45,360 yen


"Macrobiotics Online Lecture"
I give you a macrobioteic lecture in English by e-mail once two weeks. There are
elementary class and advanced class. I can responce to your question by e-mail every
time. I am sorry my English is not perfect. You can apply to this course by e-mail. My
e-mail address is tmrl3722@yahoo.co.jp.

Course fee
Elementary class in 12 lectures \25,920
Advanced class in 12 lectures \25,920

永井 邑なか(ながい みなか)

Home staying

Home staying

A)Home Stay with Macrobiotic Food (Vegan Food).
    One Overnight Stay with Breakfast and Dinner 4500yen
B)Home Stay with Macrobiotic(Vegan) Cooking Classes & Lectures
    An overnight stay with two cooking classes and two macrobiotic lectures 6000yen
・everyday 10:30~ and 16:30~ cooking class
・everyday14:00~15:00 lecture, question and answer
・I can speak some English and Spanish.

There is a limit to teach everything about the life based on a natural order of universe.
Living with us in Yamanashi, I will tell you about the way of living life and eating.
We can work of the rice field, wood-chopping, cook together, go visiting shrines, go getting some spring water, in free time, you can go cycling walking, driving with enjoying the view of Yatsugatake.
I can speak some English and Spanish.
I hope I can share this enjoyable life with as many people in the world as possible.

Reiki Healing

○Those who want to learn Reiki, Reiki seminar of Modern Reiki

What's the Reiki?

"From the past, When you feel sick, the best remedy has been treated (laying on hands in Japanese) Getting sick is caused by low of life energy force (ki in Japanese).
Reiki is a natural treatment. A treatment is like wonderful glowing radiance from hands that flows through and treated your sickness. (reiki is covered by insurance in UK)
I also can send healing power to treat person who doesn‘t want to be touched without body touching. Also, we have seminars if you are interested in becoming a reiki healerand helping family members and friends.
If you ever learned reiki at other school before, we can offer seminar fees half-priced.


「Reiki Healing Complete reservation system 30 minutes 3,000 yen」

You are a Reiki Healer and we also have a Reiki seminar for those who want to live by helping your family and acquaintances.
・Level1ー30,000 yen
・Level 2ー30,000 yen
・Level 3-50,000 yen (Learning to level 3 is recommended)
・Level 4-100,000 yen (Reiki Master Cource)
Set fee Level1, 2, 3 90,000 yen
From other schools there is a half-price system of seminar basic fee when we receive it again


Name Consultation,Diagnosis

1 time (30 minutes) 3,000 yen
Telling a person’s fortune from name (onomancy) I can response your question by E-mail

"When writing letters with pen, a wave motion formed.
The wave motion are linked to solar energies, so that the number of strokes holds mystery of universe.
Onomancy is not a fortune-teling, by knowing spiritual significance of numbers, you will be able to know what types of spiritual power your name holds.
Name express body, name can influence a person‘s personality.

When celebrate coming of age ceremony ancient warlord changed their names.
For instance, changed from Kinoshita Toukichirou to Hashiba Hideyoshi.
There have been Changing names at turning points in Japanese culture since ancient times.
If you prefer changing names, I can analyze the strokes of the name and offer name which suits your family name.


Link information

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